The Platinum Rule

En amerikan som jag lärde känna över internet för ungefär fyra år sen uppdaterade sin livejournal med en lång text om vad vi som individer måste göra för att uppnå ett bättre [tag]samhälle[/tag] och en bättre värld. Tyckte det var rätt [tag]läsvärt[/tag].

What is the purpose of this life? Is it to love, to hurt, to cry, to listen, to understand, to think, to feel, to be? I agree that at times this life seems pointless, one step forward and seven steps backward. There are also times where I see the sky for what it is, a vessel into the soul, and love the planet I have been thrust upon. If the point of my existence is merely to be, then I serve a purpose greater than I could ever imagine. For in my existence I have the ability to meet others and partake in their own personal existence.

People are told constantly to be individuals. We forget we are part of a mass of individuals. All pulling and pushing to find their own way, all influencing each other in their own pursuit of their own personal way to happiness. Thus we are not mere individuals, but something greater. We forget this when we sit inside, when we confine ourselves to one school of thought, one voice, one brain, one channel, one note, one existence. We act selfishly, we hurt others for our own good, we are apathetic, we are foolish, we act out of pride and intolerance without thinking of what it might be like to be them, that they have a right to happiness too. Once we can fully put ourselves into someone else’s shoes we will be one step closer to [tag]utopi[/tag]a.

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